​​The purpose of COTECC SR4 is to promote and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of COTECC within the Sub-Region.

The overall objective of The Confereration of Tennis for Central America Tennis Confederation & Caribbean (COTECC) is to encourage, lead, organize, govern, and promote the game of tennis; to organize, sponsor and/or regulate tournaments, championships, training programs and workshops for the National Tennis Federations of the Caribbean and Central America; and to keep affiliated to the International Tennis Federation, in its capacity of representative of the geographic area of the Caribbean and Central America


Mr Danclar is the President of COTECC Sub-Region 4 and sits on the Board of Directors of COTECC

Hs is a former President of the Tennis Association of Trinidad and Tobago and currently holds the post of Secretary of that association.

Mr Danclar is a certified Level I coach and a former Davis Cup Player. He has also been responsible for planning and directing numberious ITF & COTECC tournaments withing Trinidad and Tobago.
Mr. Jermille Danclar MSc
President - COTECC SR4

COTECC Sub-Region 4 Secretariat

The Secretariat is managed by the President - COTECC Sub Region 4 and will facilitate the following:
  1. Ensure that maximum representation of member countries at ITF and COTECC AGM and other extraordinary meetings.
  2. Ensure representation at all the Board of Directors meetings and also at Committee meetings
  3. Preparation of technical reports as it relates to SR4 from time to time
  4. Promotion of ITF tournaments within SR4.
  5. Collaboration with COTECC in coordinating successful WJTC, Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Pre Qualifying and other team  events when organized in SR4
  6. Collaboration with COTECC in coordinating successful Regional Coaches Conferencewhen organized by a country in SR4.
  7. Collaborating with COTECC and the ITF Development Officers in coordinating successfully U12 Development Championships when organized in SR4.
  8. Collaboration with COTECC and the ITF Development Officers in coordinating successful ITF-COTECC Regional Training Camp when organized in SR4
  9. Collaboration with COTECC in successfully coordinating and managing all projects that the ITF, together with COTECC, design for SR4.

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